Welcome to Wild Night Alaskan Malamutes! We're a very small program in New Jersey, breeding to the AKC standard. We focus on performance events and wonderful companions. We do not have a kennel; our dogs are house dogs and bed/couch-hogs.

In short, my goal is to produce healthy, well-balanced, structurally-correct dogs that are great family companions with outstanding temperaments and the ability to compete in conformation, performance (such as agility, obedience, tracking, etc) and working.

"Across the board, temperament focused breeding programs have better results in their breeding program than those that focus elsewhere or don’t pay attention to temperament."
- Dr. Gayle Watkins, P.h.D

Distinguished member and mentor, Alaskan Malamute Club of America

Otter got 2nd place in his first dog show

Tilly at a Tracking test, May 2021

Tilly's First Commercial!

Tilly's first commercial aired, for Peanuts Super Chewer Barkbox

Enda and Tilly got three new titles 9/20/2020 - two AKC Temperament Tests, and Tilly passed her AKC Community Canine test!

It’s meant to be a funny meme, but please - if you’re looking for a dog for a specific purpose, make sure the breeder has experience with dogs doing that activity. I see many breeders saying “would be great at rally/therapy/obedience/backpacking” and have never done those with their dogs. Ask the breeder how they know or how they’ll test for aptitude.

Proud to be recognized as a responsible breeder by Good Dog!

Enda won 1st Place in Premier Standard at the SOJAC Agility trial 2/3/19!

Layla finished her Tracking Dog title in Vermont! She followed a trail aged almost 90 minutes and 450 yards with 5 turns

What an amazing week we had at the Alaskan Malamute Club of America National!

Layla : Agility: two QQs, four 1st places, two High in Trials and 77 PACH points. Obedience: no Qs but *really* did well (Open A). Rally: new Rally Advanced title plus a bumper leg with a 4th place.

Enda: Weight Pull: two WWPD legs and two 1st places in her weight class. Agility: three 1st places (STD, JWW & T2B) and High in Trial. Obedience: two beginner novice legs with 2nd places. Rally: new Rally Novice title with placements AND she qualified for the rally nationals for having three high scores! (93, 95 and 98)

Health tested parents


New Jersey, USA




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