Obedience with malamutes is very different than most breeds.

Malamutes won't do anything without a good reason, and usually your happiness isn't a good enough reason! My dogs have many advanced titles and they still need a reason to do what I ask.  The reason could be food, toys, or just because it's fun for them. So the "trick" to teaching them is to make them think whatever you're trying to do is the BEST GAME EVER. Yes, sometimes it backfires when they don't take something seriously - but the happy attitude is worth it.

Even if you have no plans to ever compete in obedience, a well trained dog is a pleasure. It's nice not to get dragged around the neighborhood at the end of a leash. It's nice when they don't harrass visitors. 

But, if you DO plan to ever compete in obedience, make sure you have a great sense of humor and humility because they WILL embarrass you when you least expect it!

Layla's Dumbbell Parade

One of my favorite obedience videos with Layla. It's a perfect example of obedience with a malamute. Fast forward to about 4:00 to get her special dumbbell parade <3

Layla howling before we even start heeling

Still howling!